Tokenomics Consulting

For Selected Partners Consistent Value Added Trust

Our Advisory service for Selected Partners is designed to ensure our clients tokenomics remain updated, effectively implemented, and adaptable to the constant evolving niche of tokenomics.



Using our proprietary AI data protocol, we conduct a thorough review of our selected partners tokenomics, metrics, and monetary policies, as well as its potential for ROI and growth while comparing and running analysis with the main competitors of the projects’ niche.

Tokenomics Advisor - Consulting Dashboard

Our tokenomics consulting framework includes the following:


Web3 Early Seed Opportunities

Acting as a true connector for all of our clients, whether you are a project raising funds or an investor looking for investment opportunities, is our primary objective

3,900+ Projects Actively Raising Funds

Access info on 3,900+ funding rounds from pre-seed to secondary stages. Filter by project, investor, amount, valuation, stage, date, and more to track trends, monitor competition, and stay current on crypto investments.

Funds Fundraising Rounds Data

Access data from 320+ diverse fundraising rounds, including venture capital, hedge funds, and ecosystem funds. Monitor competition, find potential investors, and understand financing trends.

Gain piece of mind, partner with blacktokenomics

Overall, our tokenomics consulting for Venture Capitals & Funds service is designed to provide investment firms with the token economy insights they need to make informed investment decisions in the web 3 space

Business Oriented

Recognizing that most projects lack an specialist in tokenomics, we provide top-tier tokenomics consulting services. This allows you to concentrate on crafting your world-class product while we handle the intricacies of your project’s token economy.

Variety of Options

Our comprehensive economic model offers not one or two, but three distinctive tokenomics setups for you to choose from. These setups are optimized for different objectives and are all individually tailored to your business model and token economies.

Expertise in Tokenomics Consulting

Our tool is engineered by a team of tokenomics experts with substantial technical knowledge in blockchain and tokenomics. Their experience spans both consulting and investing angles, further enhanced by a deep understanding of past data events in the field.

Pitch Ready

We understand the importance and value of presenting your data effectively. Our tokenomics paper output transcends mere numbers and charts, delivering a 12+ pages visual presentation of your new tokenomics that is both professional and pitch-ready.


While our models are ready to use straight out of the box, they are also fully customizable. You’ll be able to fine-tune each output parameter, creating unique tokenomics that perfectly suit your project’s objectives.

Accessible to All

Distinguishing ourselves from others, we provide a completely free version of our tokenomics model. This gives you a preliminary understanding of the quality of our service and helps you decide whether it aligns with your expectations.

Comprehensive Tokenomics Development Process

Our tokenomics development process is tailored to each project’s unique requirements, combining technical expertise in blockchain with a deep understanding of economic principles. We focus on creating a token model that is not only effective but also aligns with your project’s long-term objectives, ensuring sustainability and growth in the dynamic crypto space.

Expertise in DAO and NFT Tokenomics

Recognizing the importance of DAOs and NFTs in today’s blockchain landscape, we offer specialized tokenomics solutions for these sectors. Our team designs token models that cater to the unique aspects of virtual worlds and decentralized and autonomous organizations, ensuring they are robust, compliant, and strategically sound.

Strategic Token Incentives and Governance Structures

A key aspect of our consulting is designing token incentives and governance structures that promote long-term success. We ensure that token economies are structured to effectively align the interests of all stakeholders, fostering a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for your project.

Tailoring Token Models for Maximum Impact

Our token models are meticulously crafted to suit your crypto project specific needs. We provide a range of innovative options, from simple utility tokens to more complex systems involving multiple token types. This bespoke approach ensures that your token model is not only unique but also fully aligned with your project’s vision and operational goals.

Adapting Existing Tokenomics Model

We don’t just build tokenomics from scratch; we also specialize in refining and adapting an existing tokenomics model. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your current tokenomics, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring they are optimized for current market conditions and future growth potential.

Advanced Tokenomics for Complex Systems

We specialize in advanced tokenomics for complex blockchain systems, including DeFi, blockchain games, and the Metaverse. Our team utilizes cutting-edge tools to design robust token economies, addressing the unique challenges of these intricate environments.

To become a tokenomics specialist, one must develop a deep understanding of various aspects of token economics and blockchain technology. This includes mastering the intricacies of creating and managing pools, understanding monetary policies, and allocation distribution strategies.

You should be adept at designing and analyzing initial fundamentals of tokenomics. Equally important is the ability to model economic frameworks, ensuring controlled inflation, mitigating supply shocks, and securing equitable token distribution.

Documentation skills are essential for articulating these models visually and narratively. A tokenomics expert should also be proficient in game theory and incentives, capable of designing protocols that align stakeholder incentives with project objectives.

Finally, expertise in complex modeling, including the use of tools like Machinations and Streamlit dashboards for stress-testing models, and strategizing token launches, is vital. This comprehensive skill set enables a tokenomics specialist to effectively consult on and guide projects from initial concept to successful launch.

Tokenomics, a portmanteau of token and economics, is the study of the supply, demand, distribution, and valuation of cryptocurrencies. It encompasses factors such as issuance, monetary policies, supply, demand and utility to analyze a crypto token’s economic properties.

Black Tokenomics specializes in tokenomics design, consulting, and auditing. Our services include crafting tailored token economy models, strategic economic framework development, and comprehensive auditing. We are data-driven ensuring controlled inflation, equitable distribution, and alignment with stakeholder incentives. Our approach combines complex modeling with interactive tools like Machinations, focusing on long-term viability and project-specific needs to deliver robust, sustainable tokenomics solutions.

Designing sustainable tokenomics involves a multi-step process that begins with understanding the unique aspects of your project. Our team applies extensive technical knowledge, including insights into smart contracts and blockchain industry trends, to create a token design that aligns with your project’s goals. The development and implementation of tokenomics require careful consideration of various factors, such as the type of tokens, their intended use, and how they promote value and success. We focus on ensuring that the tokenomics are not just theoretically sound, but also practical and adaptable for real-world application. This process is crucial, especially for projects promoting social activities or those with complex operational needs. Our approach is tailored to each project, ensuring that the tokenomics model we develop is sustainable, effective, and aligns with your long-term vision.

At Black Tokenomics, we leverage our extensive experience in the blockchain industry to address the unique challenges of each project. Recognizing that token design and implementation can be extremely difficult, especially in sectors like DeFi and social activities, we start with a thorough analysis of your project’s needs and goals. Our development process involves crafting a token model that resonates with the most requested types in the market, ensuring your project’s tokens have a strong foundation. We use a combination of technical expertise, operational experience, and an in-depth understanding of blockchain dynamics to create tokens that not only meet current market demands but are also adaptable for future growth. Our commitment to your project’s success involves continuous support and guidance, ensuring the tokenomics we design drive value and contribute to the long-term success of your project.