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Review completed investments, search upcoming Web3 projects with potential, identify upcoming trends and monitor your competition with over 3,000 crypto funding rounds and 200 M&A deals in one place.

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Search and filter from 3,900+ Web3 projects, their niche, information, founders and more.

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Check which projects are raising funds, how much have they raised, and which investors are backing them so far. 

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Easily navigate and discover new projects in their seed fundraising stage. Be early in exciting innovative opportunities.


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3,900+ Projects Actively Raising Funds

Access info on 3,900+ funding rounds from pre-seed to secondary stages. Filter by project, investor, amount, valuation, stage, date, and more to track trends, monitor competition, and stay current on crypto investments.

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Unlock 200+ deals ranging from mergers to acquisitions. Seamlessly identify key market trends, pinpoint potential acquirers, and stay to date of the latest financing developments in the fast-paced world of crypto.

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