Tokenomics Auditing

For Projects Launchpads Venture Capitals Funds

Our Audit service for Projects, Launchpads, Venture Capitalists and Funds is designed to provide our partners with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions in the web 3.0 space.


What To Expect


Our tokenomics audit are executed based on best industry practices, we conduct a thorough review of a prospect project’s tokenomics, metrics, monetary policies, inflation, token distribution fairness and liquidity while comparing and running analysis with the main competitors of the projects’ niche.

token audit example

When it comes to our Token Audit Rating Score, we rely on a comprehensive hexagonal chart that evaluates the following.

When is it the right time to audit your tokenomics?

Conduct a comprehensive audit of your tokenomics before the token launch prioritizing security and reliability within your community.

Post-launch audits play a vital role in evaluating real-world performance and facilitating necessary post-launch refinements.

Through regular audits, uphold investor trust, ensure continuous compliance, and rapidly pinpoint potential problems.


Partners Audit Process

Our rapid 72-hour audit enables us to quickly identify potential issues that require attention before our partners finalize any SAFT contract agreements. This not only safeguards the best interests of our partners but also helps prevent missed investment opportunities due to avoidable delays. Our data-driven approach ensures fast and effective execution.


The launchpad, venture capital or fund connects us with the potential project before any potential partnership or investment.


We run our tokenomics audit model to analyze and address potential issues, while also ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest between the launchpad/investor and the project.


After being made aware of potential issues, the project may choose to adjust certain metrics within their tokenomics.

Then, our partners can sign the SAFT contract agreement / launch the project with confidence.

Quality & Speed

We know how quick deals come and go within the cryptocurrency space. To close a big investment takes diligence, but it also happens fast. This is why we have also curated this service for Venture Capitals and Funds.

By conducting a rapid 72-hour audit, we are able to identify potential problems that should be addressed before the SAFT agreement is signed, protecting the best interests of our partners.

72 hours tokenomics audit

Optimized for
Business Success​

Understanding that the majority of blockchain projects may not have an in-house tokenomics expert, we step in with our superior tokenomics auditing services. This allows your focus to remain on crafting your breakthrough product while we handle the complexities of your project’s tokenomics. Our agent-based modelling provides a holistic review of your token economy, pinpointing potential issues and suggesting improvement strategies.

Tokenomics Solutions

Our thorough economic model presents not just one or two, but three distinctive tokenomics designs for your blockchain project. These designs are fully compliant with British Blockchain Association standards and are individually tailored to support different project goals, ensuring your project’s long-term success. We apply structural analysis to examine a variety of token economies, optimizing your token distribution to align with your project’s success metrics.


Our tool is designed by tokenomics experts with extensive technical knowledge in blockchain and tokenomics. Their wide-ranging experience covers both consulting and investing, further enhanced by a deep understanding of past data trends in the field. This expertise allows us to identify potential risks and feedback loops, vital for ensuring your project’s success.


Effective data presentation is a cornerstone of our service. We deliver more than just numbers and charts: our output includes a professionally crafted, 12+ page visual presentation of your redefined tokenomics. This investor-ready report incorporates a comprehensive tokenomics audit checklist, boosting your confidence when pitching to potential investors.

Tokenomics Audit -
Tailored to Your Needs

While our models are ready to use straight from the gate, they also offer complete customization. You’ll have the freedom to precisely adjust each output parameter, crafting unique tokenomics that perfectly reflect your project’s goals and values. From intricate token allocation strategies to game theory mechanisms and value-creation models for your token economy, our services ensure your project’s unique position in the dynamic cryptocurrency space.

and Transparency

In an industry where transparency is key, we distinguish ourselves by providing a complimentary initial tokenomics audit. This offers potential investors a comprehensive insight into the quality of our service and a preliminary understanding of your project’s token economy. By offering free auditing tokenomics services, we encourage informed investment decisions.

Gain piece of mind, audit with blacktokenomics

Overall, our audit for Venture Capitals & Funds service is designed to provide investment firms with the tokenomics insights they need to make informed investment decisions in the web 3 space

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