Meet the Team

Our team has diverse backgrounds in entrepreneurship, applied sciences, venture capital, mathematics, and creative design, allowing us to take a multidisciplinary approach to tokenomics design. We understand that it’s not just about having the right economical vertical but also about conveying it in a way that truly resonates with the investors. It’s about blending accuracy with aesthetics to ensure data doesn’t just inform but also inspires confidence and action.

Andres Gonzalez Collado


Entrepreneur, with a degree in business economics and a strong passion for Web3 and it’s applications to create fairer markets. His focus lies within data driven Tokenomics design, and building strong, self-sustaining teams.

Domas Golysenko

Co-Founder & CTO

Our CTO, jack of all trades shines in tokenomics modeling and on-chain analysis. He skillfully navigates complex modeling such as Monte Carlo simulations,  the Quantity Theory of Money and Quadratic Accelerating Vesting Models, adapting token designs for any markets.

Nicolas Schwarz

Head Developer

Head of Development, intertwines the realms of finance and technology. Armed with expertise in Blockchain, Solidity, and Python, his focus lies in creating and automating innovative models. Streamlining an efficient and agile token design process.

Sven Verhaeghe

Brand and Growth Strategist

With a robust background in SEO and experience in driving organic traffic, Sven leads our branding and expansion strategy. He ensures our online presence flourishes . His focus is to maintain precise alignment in all our partnerships, steering our brand towards growth.

Eugene Wilson

Data Scientist & Simulation Engineer

Using our own simulation sofwares powered by Python, rad-cad, and Machinations. His primary focus lies in evaluating liquidity, selling pressure, and demand needed. He ensures that our designs are not mere numbers on a Google sheet, but interactive models where both the community and investors actively engage.

Maximilian Laechelin

Tokenomics Researcher

Excels in data analysis and on-chain data cross-referencing. Armed with dual degrees in physics and mathematics, he has played a pivotal role in designing the framework for numerous innovative models. 


Valerie Novhorodska

UI/UX Visual Designer


Valerie, a UI/UX designer, infuses creativity into her work, creating innovative and visually appealing products that enhance user experiences. Her designs seamlessly integrate her passion for aesthetics with a keen understanding of user needs, making them both attractive and functional.