Specialized tokenomics services
executed on the highest level so you can focus on building a world-class product.


Tokenomics Designs

Unlike existing models heavily dependent on speculation, we design our frameworks based on a methodical review of prior tokenomics ventures.
Tokenomics Advisor - Consulting Dashboard
Unlike existing models heavily dependent on speculation, we design our frameworks powered by our database records of past tokenomics ventures.
Tokenomics Advisor - Consulting Dashboard

Trusted by Web3 founders

Our Services

We not only work with Web3 projects designing their tokenomics but also with Venture Capitals and Funds auditing their potential investments, thus acting as a true connector and advisors for all of our clients.



For web3 projects starting
from zero ground.

Our firm offers a comprehensive tokenomics framework design, meticulously tailored to fit your project’s unique requirements and objectives. 

A superior tokenomics data-driven design powered by the past records from tokenomics ventures within your project’s niche.



Several of our clients value the continuity of a long-term collaboration, ensuring their tokenomics remain updated, effectively implemented, and adaptable to the constant evolving niche of tokenomics.

When we assume an advisory role, our customary practice involves a token allocation of 0.5% from the total supply, subject to the vesting release schedule of the advisors’ pool.

Exclusive advisory for selected
Web3 Projects.



For web3 projects with an
existent tokenomics design.

We evaluate your current economic system, identify areas for improvement, conduct stress tests, optimize processes, and eliminate any problems we find.

This service is designed to help projects optimize their existing tokenomics and achieve their long term goals.

Tokenomics Audit

Whether you’re a Web3 project seeking to audit your tokenomics and earn your community’s trust, a Venture Capital firm aiming to
analyze token economies before investments, or a Launchpad aspiring to ensure the caliber of your partners, we’re your one-stop solution.

72 hours tokenomics audit speed

Leveraging our proprietary database records, we perform a complete review of a project’s tokenomics vertical. The result? A tailored report derived from our hexagonal analysis.

tokenomics audit example
Audited By Blacktokenomics Certification


Upon completion of our audit, you will earn the privilege to showcase
the “Audited by BlackTokenomics” badge on your website.

What makes us different

We provide our clients with the highest quality practices in the tokenomics industry
in order to optimize their results. A tailored solution for your business.

Business Focused

Our tokenomics agency understands that most projects dont have a tokenomics expert. Our specialized tokenomics services are executed on the highest level so you can focus on building a world class product.

Multiple Scenarios

We provide you with not one, not two, but three different complete tokenomics setups to choose from (optimized for different goals) all tailored to your business.


Our tool is designed by experts with extensive experience in the field of tokenomics and blockchain from both a consulting and investors perspective powered by past record data events.

Pitch Ready

We understand that it is not enough to have the right numbers, you also need to present them properly. Our output is not just numbers and charts, but also a 8+ pages of professional visual presentation of your new tokenomics.


Our models are usable out-of-the-box, but you are also able to fully customize all our models output, you will be able to to fine-tune every parameter.

Free Version

Unlike most similar tools we offer a fully free version of the model, so that you can get an initial perspective of the quality of our service and whether you like it or not.

Data-driven designs,
Black Tokenomics

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