Tokenomics Curation

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The new superior tokenomics curation framework based on economical fundamentals and a data driven principle approach powered by past records (over 450+) from multiple niches of the web 3 space.


What to expect

Utilizing our unique AI data system, we meticulously evaluate a potential project’s tokenomics, metrics, and monetary policies assessing its prospects for ROI and expansion by analyzing and contrasting it with it’s leading competitors within its sector.

Tokenomics Advisor - Consulting Dashboard

Our tokenomics curation framework includes the following:


Accelerate Your Fundraising

Acting as a true connector for all of our clients, whether you are a project raising funds or an investor looking for investment opportunities, is our primary objective.

8,500+ Active Investors Contacts

Access to portfolio data to 8,500+ active investors including VC Funds, Hedge Funds, Investment DAOs, Corporate Funds, and Angels.

Funds Fundraising Rounds Data

Access to 320+ funds fundraising round data ranging from VC funds to hedge funds and ecosystem funds.

Enhance your Tokenomics with Blackokenomics

Our unique attribute is that our designs are powered by our data-driven records of past tokenomics ventures.

Feel free to schedule a call with our tokenomics experts to discuss the enhancement that can me made.

Business Oriented

Recognizing that most projects lack an specialist in tokenomics, we provide top-tier tokenomics consulting services. This allows you to concentrate on crafting your world-class product while we handle the intricacies of your project’s tokenomics.

Variety of Options

Our extensive economic model presents a selection of three unique tokenomics setups, each meticulously tailored to meet diverse objectives. These configurations are custom-designed to align seamlessly with your specific business model and the nuanced dynamics of your token economy.

Expertise in Tokenomics Consulting

Our platform is crafted by a cadre of tokenomics specialists, possessing profound technical expertise in blockchain and token economics. Their experience encompasses consulting and investment perspectives, enriched by an extensive comprehension of historical data trends in this domain.

Pitch Ready

We recognize the significance of presenting your data compellingly. Our deliverables go beyond basic figures and diagrams, offering over 12 pages of visually engaging presentations of your updated tokenomics, crafted professionally and ready for pitching.


Our tokenomics models are designed for immediate application, yet they offer complete customization flexibility. This allows you to adjust every parameter to your specific needs, ensuring the creation of tailor-made tokenomics aligned with your project’s goals. For more details, visit our tokenomics design service.

Tokenomics Auditing Service

Our tokenomics auditing service thoroughly assesses your token model for robustness and compliance with industry standards. Our experts analyze economic viability and technical details, offering insights to optimize performance and security. This service is crucial for ensuring the success and integrity of your project’s tokenomics.