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BlackTokenomics Announces New Advisory Role with Definity Legend

Last Updated on February 5, 2024

We're excited to share that BlackTokenomics has embarked on a new advisory journey, partnering with DefinityLegend, a groundbreaking gaming platform that unlocks the potential of creators to design, monetize, and enhance user engagement in their games.

This is a significant step in our journey, as we continue to bring a transformative perspective to the emerging world of tokenomics.

Tokenomics Auditing: A Web3 Standard

A critical aspect of our collaboration involved a meticulous tokenomics audit of DefinityLegend. Our evaluation focused on multiple key criteria, such as inflation (Cumulative & YoY), liquidity, fairness in token distribution, dilution amongst investors, and more.

Following our comprehensive audit and the diligent implementation of necessary adjustments, the rating results rose from 73% to the anticipated high 80s.

These results certify that DefinityLegend is ready to launch with a flawless token economic design, completely free from economic fallacies.

Ensuring a Comprehensive Economic Model

Our audit not only solidified that DefinityLegend has the right economic model in place, but it also gave them the tools to present their tokenomics professionally to investors.

About Definity Legend

Creating and Monetizing Games on a Cutting-Edge Platform

Definity Legend offers a world where anyone, can create and monetize their own games. The platform taps into the lucrative gaming industry, allowing users to leverage the power of AI and blockchain technology for interactive, immersive, secure, and transparent gaming experiences.

The Sandbox Editor: Unleashing Creativity and Monetization Options

The Definity sandbox editor opens up new possibilities for game creators, offering monetization avenues through in-game purchases, banners, and marketing sponsorship tournaments and events. By becoming a land owner in The Sandbox metaverse, users can host their experiences and events, access exclusive content and farming perks, and enjoy premium defi staking and monetization options.

Limitless Gaming Possibilities with DefinityLegend’s Game Editor

With the game editor, anyone can create various games – from MOBAs and RPGs to racing and turn-based games, and more. It requires no coding knowledge, opening up limitless possibilities for users.

Official Links of Definity Legend

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Sven is a digital entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in SEO. He has helped Web3 businesses optimise their online presence online. He has a deep understanding of the Web3 space and ensures to vet all the projects BlackTokenomics works with.

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