Tokenomics simulations


We use an AWS infrastructure to unleash the power of large-scale Monte Carlo simulations to 
predict the health of your tokenomics design.

Displayed below is an example of a Machinations simulation of a token economy vesting schedules. To see it in action, simply press the play button located at the bottom. Then use the red button for resetting the model.

Although this economy has been designed to be simple, it actually includes all of the essential components of a complete economy, such as:

  • Allocation Distribution
  • Vesting Schedule (Which includes TGE, Cliffs and Vestings)
  • Supply analytics and behavior
  • Full Breakdown
  • Burnings & holdings
  • YOY Inflation & Supply shocks issues
  • Demand scenarios for investors
  • Use it as an add-on for your pitch & whitepaper

What is Machinations?

Machinations, utilized by 35,000+ professionals, is a cutting-edge platform for designing, predicting, and optimizing game economies. It’s a game-changer for premium, free-to-play, and play-to-earn games.

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What is Monte Carlo Simulation?

Monte Carlo simulation is a statistical method used to understand the risk and uncertainty in financial and other forecasts, extensively used in token economics for predictive analysis. Learn more about Monte Carlo Simulation.

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