blur tokenomics

Blur Tokenomics

Last Updated on July 28, 2023

$BLUR Tokenomics & On-chain technical analysis.

Everything you need to know to take the most out of the recent #Airdrop.

‣ Allocation distribution, Vesting schedule, Investors, Top airdrop claimers and more!


Blur has raised an $11 million seed round led by Paradigm to build a decentralized NFT marketplace for pro traders.

Joining Paradigm in this round we found:

  • eGirl Capital
  • Keyboard Monkey
  • Ledger
  • 0xMaki
  • Santiago Santos
  • Zeneca
  • Deeze
  • Andy from Fractional

Tokenomics of Blur

The total supply of $BLUR is 3 billion tokens. The amount of airdrop tokens Blur just released to its community for claiming was 360 million $BLUR, or 12% of the total supply.

Initial Distribution

The initial distribution of $BLUR is as follows:

  • Community 51% – Airdrop 12% = 39%
  • Contributors 28%
  • Investors 18.8%
  • Advisors 1.2%
blur allocation

4-Year Release Shedule

Vesting Schedule

Airdrop 100% at TGE.

Advisors’ BLUR allocation will vest over 48 to 60 months + 4 months cliff for transfers.

Finally the core contributors/investors and Community will have tokens vested on a continuous basis according to the following schedule:

token distribution blur

On-Chain Analysis

After some on-chain technical analysis we notice that 78% of the supply has been delivered to two of the team’s lockup smart contracts.

While 9% of the remaining tokens will be controlled by a Blur Gnosis multi-sig wallet.

Blur Airdrop Data

295M $BLUR (82%) of the 360M #airdrop has been claimed so far.


Here are the top 20 claimers — Provided by @lookonchain.

Among them, 15 addresses sold part of the $BLUR after claiming the airdrop, and 7 addresses sold all $BLUR.

Google Calendar for Blur

We will add the $BLUR Unlocks to our Shared Google Calendar.

As we delve into the details of Blur’s tokenomics and their on-chain data, the importance of adept tokenomics planning becomes evident. Whether you are managing an existing blockchain project or launching a new one, strategic tokenomics is crucial. Our team offers a variety of services to support you in this journey. Whether it’s tokenomics expert counseling to guide your strategy, a detailed tokenomics auditing service to scrutinize and refine your existing setup, or a customized tokenomics design service to build your token economy from scratch, we are here to help. Leverage our expertise to maximize your token’s potential and make informed, strategic decisions.

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