BT Tracking Bot

The Ultimate Bot for Investors monitoring​

BT Tracking Bot is a Telegram bot designed to track the market of cryptocurrencies & NFTs. It provides a unique combination of tools and instruments that follow coins/wallets/pools and notify you if there are any changes. Track your investors, investments, and holders with BT Tracking Bot. This is a FREE product given to all of our clients to navigate their crypto journeys.

Supported networks


Simple bot with advanced tools

BT Tracking Bot was founded in 2018. Back then it could only monitor wallets on the Ethereum network. As the project continued it`s incremental development, we realized how important the bot is for crypto community. It is the features that made is so special and added the most value for our users. So what are these magical features?

Investors Tracking

Add your investors wallet by it’s address to monitor incoming and outgoing transactions. If your investors exits your token right after an unlock, you will be notified instantly, thus giving you an opportunity to maintain close contact to them and potentially negotiate / incentivise them to hold.

  • Get an alert when your investors sell.
  • Choose between different event types and set $ alerts to be notified about transactions.
  • Wallet Balance.
  • Check Balances of assets from your investors.


Distribution Alerts

Token distributions often create market price pressure and increase capitalisation. Be the first to obtain your token distributions info and assess market conditions to make a play in your favour. This could be arranged in the form of marketing, big announcements, or other ways of avoiding token dumps.

  • Token Distribution

Receive distribution alerts from seed, private and other events for tokens that you’ve added to monitoring.

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