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second world games

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What is Second World Games​

Second World Games introduces its groundbreaking title, Second World: New Era – an amalgamation of city-building and player-versus-player (PVP) strategy in a mobile gaming environment. This free-to-play venture transports players to a real-world inspired Earth, tasking them with the mission to rebuild civilization one city at a time.

The evolution of cities from tiny hamlets to urban behemoths and unlocking of military defenses signifies progress, and an interactive leaderboard keeps the spirit of competition alive, rewarding high performers. The core essence of Second World lies in the power bestowed upon players to shape their city’s identity, each choice leading to a unique strategic advantage, thus making every gaming experience distinct.

Second World: New Era elegantly solves the problem of monotony often associated with city-building and PVP strategy games. By placing the player at the helm of a burgeoning civilization and introducing the concept of competitive gameplay, it infuses a fresh layer of strategic decision-making and excitement.

The ability to shape the city’s identity according to three distinct paths – military strength, scientific innovation, or cultural richness – allows players to experience a unique, dynamic narrative each time. Furthermore, with its stunning sci-fi art design, it takes immersion to another level.

Also, the incorporation of an elite group of players, ‘The Council’, ensures continuous game improvements and new challenges, thereby pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming.