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We have thoroughly examined your tokenomics and conducted a comprehensive breakdown, identifying several crucial issues that require attention of $SPT so you can keep building a world class product with no unexpected setbacks.

  • Inflation rate for year 1 is extremely high at 700%. This means that the supply of tokens will increase rapidly, leading to a decrease in your token value over time. This issue will make it challenging to maintain the purchasing power of $SPT tokens.
  • Lack of liquidity backing for your project, which is concerning. Without sufficient liquidity, it will be difficult for users to buy or sell their tokens freely. This will create issues such as price manipulation, limited trading opportunities, and overall instability within the project.
  • Please book a call so we can further elaborate on our findings in your tokenomics.
  • Please book a call so we can further elaborate on our findings in your tokenomics.
  • Please book a call so we can further elaborate on our findings in your tokenomics.

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Token Unlock Schedule & Allocation (YoY) Seapad

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There are 2 more issues associated with your tokenomics..

What is Seapad

SeaPad emerges as a groundbreaking launchpad platform tailored for the next wave of blockchain innovation, focusing on emerging networks like Sui, Sei, Arbitrum, and zkSync. Its mission is to fuel the growth of creative ideas, transforming them into successful projects. SeaPad stands out by offering comprehensive support to projects throughout their lifecycle, from inception through to launch and beyond, with a particular emphasis on those developed on new blockchain platforms.

For project creators, SeaPad offers a unique blend of services that extend beyond fundraising. It provides a nurturing ecosystem for long-term growth, including development support, marketing tools, and operational guidance, ensuring projects thrive in the dynamic blockchain landscape. This approach positions SeaPad as a partner in innovation, rather than just a stepping stone in a project’s journey.

Investors and users benefit from SeaPad’s commitment to removing investment barriers, catering to both seasoned Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers from the Web2 space. Through features like token swapping, staking, and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance model, SeaPad creates a seamless and inclusive investment environment. Its user-friendly interface and integration of DeFi functions ensure that once users join SeaPad, they find little reason to look elsewhere for their investment needs.

A distinguishing feature of SeaPad is its Claim Portal, designed to streamline the token claim process for projects launched on newer blockchains. This facility addresses a common challenge in the blockchain space, where traditional launchpads struggle to support projects on less-established networks. By allowing projects to raise funds across any launchpad and providing a centralized claim mechanism, SeaPad enhances accessibility and flexibility for both projects and investors.

SeaPad innovatively combines the best aspects of permissioned and permissionless launchpads. It incorporates rigorous project vetting and investor engagement strategies from permissioned platforms while embracing the openness and accessibility of permissionless systems. This hybrid model ensures a high standard of project quality and investor protection, fostering a healthy and trustworthy investment ecosystem.

The journey of launching a project on SeaPad is meticulously designed to support and elevate projects at every stage. From incubation to post-IDO support, SeaPad offers a tailored pathway for growth, backed by a DAO committee comprising experts from various fields. This collaborative approach not only accelerates project development but also builds a community of invested stakeholders, sharing in the success and benefits.

In summary, SeaPad redefines the launchpad experience with its innovative platform, supporting the next generation of blockchain projects and investors. By blending comprehensive project support with an investor-friendly environment, SeaPad is setting a new standard in the launchpad domain, promising a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable future for blockchain innovation.