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Tokenomics Analysis

We have thoroughly examined your tokenomics and conducted a comprehensive breakdown, identifying several crucial issues that require attention prior to the launch of $SCPT.

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Enhance your Tokenomics with Blackokenomics

Our unique attribute is that our designs are powered by our data-driven records of past tokenomics ventures.

Feel free to schedule a call to discuss the enhancement that can me made.

What is Script Network

Script Network is a next-generation, decentralized platform for live television and film. Script TV’s ground-breaking design offers a 24/7 live television service on-chain that viewers can access for free.

The network uniquely integrates gameFi and socialFi elements, allowing viewers to earn rewards while they indulge in their favorite shows. Built on the robust Script infrastructure and blockchain, Script Network aims to revolutionize the media landscape by re-imagining traditional television while fostering a vibrant ecosystem of content partners, advertisers, viewers, and lightning nodes.

Traditional media services suffer from a host of problems including slow payouts, lack of user rewards, complex advertising, and expensive storage. Script Network is designed to solve these issues by offering faster payments to content owners, rewarding users for their engagement, and implementing on-chain content governance and advertising.

It significantly reduces costs through the innovative dStorage feature. With its multilevel reward model, Script Network transforms television viewing into an interactive, rewarding experience, disrupting conventional paradigms of passive viewership. Through tradeable tokens and upgradeable NFTs, viewers can enjoy real-world benefits, making the TV experience more immersive, personalized, and valuable than ever before.