Methol Protocol

Menthol Protocol

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What is Menthol Protocol​

Menthol Protocol is an innovative blockchain initiative aiming to transform web3 into the first climate-positive industry. As the first multi-chain decentralized sustainability protocol, it is designed to offset carbon emissions associated with user or dApp transactions automatically and efficiently.

It utilizes verified renewable energy and carbon credits from around the globe to achieve its sustainability goals. The Menthol Protocol offers a plug-and-play solution for major dApps, allowing users and developers to contribute towards climate positivity in a decentralized and automated manner. With a vision of becoming the leading multi-chain sustainability middleware for the DeFi and NFT space, the protocol ensures seamless, climate-friendly transactions for users and developers alike.

The Menthol Protocol is a game-changer in combating the growing concern of carbon emissions generated by digital transactions. It addresses the carbon footprint associated with blockchain transactions and dApp usage, which until now has been a significant blind spot in global climate change mitigation efforts.

Using this protocol, both users and developers can ensure their blockchain activities are climate-positive, effectively offsetting their carbon emissions without any need for coding skills. The automated tracking and sourcing of green tokens add to its convenience, allowing users to go green in just minutes. By empowering users to build climate-positive dApps and contribute to any pool, the Menthol Protocol democratizes climate action in the digital world, setting a new standard for sustainability in the web3 industry.