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We have thoroughly examined your tokenomics and conducted a comprehensive breakdown, identifying several crucial issues that require attention of $LIFE so you can keep building a world class product with no unexpected setbacks.

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Our unique attribute is that our designs are powered by our data-driven records of past tokenomics ventures.

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What is LifeTise

Lifetise is a comprehensive financial planning platform designed to help individuals effectively strategize their financial journeys towards achieving significant life goals. Whether it’s the ambition of owning a home, starting a family, launching a business, or even exploring a career shift, Lifetise presents users with the financial tools and advice necessary to map out these goals. 

The platform operates on a membership basis, offering a wealth of benefits that include life advice guides, exclusive events, discounts, and more. By employing a gamified approach, Lifetise enables users to explore various life scenarios and their financial implications, fostering a greater understanding of how to best utilize money to achieve desired life milestones. The platform has been developed by an accomplished team from diverse sectors, including finance, tech, video games, design, and behavioural science.

Lifetise addresses the lack of practical, relatable financial guidance available for real-world scenarios. Often, the financial decision-making process can be overwhelming and make individuals feel as though they are lagging behind or unsure of the right steps to take. 

Lifetise fills this gap by providing an intuitive, user-friendly platform that demystifies the complexities of financial planning and presents it in a manner that is easy to comprehend and implement. The platform empowers users to make informed financial decisions, promoting confidence and peace of mind when considering future life choices. Lifetise is especially beneficial for those navigating significant life events, offering a resource that illuminates the financial path towards their desired life outcomes.