Tokenomics Analysis

We have thoroughly examined your tokenomics and conducted a comprehensive breakdown, identifying several crucial issues that require attention prior to the launch of $CEG.

Enhance your Tokenomics with Blackokenomics

Our unique attribute is that our designs are powered by our data-driven records of past tokenomics ventures.

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What is GT-Protocol

GT Protocol is a revolutionary Web3 AI execution technology, offering a comprehensive conversational AI interface for engaging with CeFi, DeFi, and NFT crypto markets.

At its core, it’s a decentralized, transparent, and secure solution designed to facilitate the creation of DeFi smart-contract pools for fund collection and subsequent liquidity management based on a profit-sharing model. Offering a range of utilities for the GTP token, including pool creation, social trading, governance, and an insurance fund, GT Protocol is a dynamic platform equipped with a variety of functionalities.

From secure and transparent DeFi investment pools, easy automated copy trading, to a partnership with the leading crypto exchange, GT Protocol is innovating at the intersection of blockchain, AI, and financial technologies.

GT Protocol confronts the opacity and complexity inherent in current DeFi markets. It empowers any individual or entity to create a DeFi smart-contract pool, thereby democratizing access to liquidity and profit-sharing opportunities.

Further, it provides users with secure, transparent management of funds through smart contracts, ensuring a high degree of trust and control. The protocol goes a step further by introducing an on-chain P&L pools rating, enabling users to make informed decisions about joining any pool.

GT Protocol is not only beneficial for investors and professional traders, but also for VCs, GameFi guilds, influencers, and anyone engaging in profitable activity on the DeFi market. This comprehensive, transparent, and secure solution helps to simplify DeFi engagement, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the emerging world of decentralized finance.