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Tokenomics Analysis

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What is Epic Meta

Epic Meta is a Singapore-based organization that operates within the rapidly expanding world of gaming. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of video games and blockchain technology, the company has a particular focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the emerging play-to-earn gaming model.

Epic Meta partners with a diverse range of organizations such as Enjin coin, Astronaut Capital, ZBS Capital, and others, to augment its offerings and extend its impact across the global gaming ecosystem.

In the high-octane world of eSports, professional gamers face a unique set of challenges. The primary income sources for these eSports athletes, often known as “pro-gamers,” have been restricted to competition prize money and monetizing their social media presence through gameplay streaming.

This model often leads to an exhausting schedule of content creation, leading to burnout. Epic Meta addresses this dilemma by offering an innovative solution. It leverages blockchain technology to tokenize eSports player cards and game highlights as NFTs, creating a sustainable income stream for pro-gamers.

Through the trading of these NFTs, players can earn passive income, thus enabling them to have a more balanced and sustainable career in the eSports industry.