Citizen Conflict

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Citizen Conflict tokenomics

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What is Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict is a trailblazing Free2Play blockchain-based Hero Shooter that promises to change the landscape of the gaming world.

Developed on the advanced QORPO ecosystem, Citizen Conflict combines next-gen gaming dynamics, a compelling storyline, and an immersive world that breathes life into the characters.

The game’s mechanics are unique; players participate in an alpha test, aided by the Alpha Key NFT, a digital asset that grants access to the game after staking. The players are engaged in a captivating journey into the alpha phase of Citizen Conflict, making it an interactive and enriching gaming experience.

The gaming industry often grapples with the issue of exclusivity and lack of player involvement. Citizen Conflict, with its blockchain-based framework, provides a solution to this by integrating players into its development through alpha testing.

It enhances player autonomy with the QORPO ID, serving as the all-in-one manager within the QORPO ecosystem. The game also incorporates the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), thereby allowing players to have actual ownership of in-game assets.

This approach empowers players to be part of the game’s growth, a breakthrough that heralds a new era in the gaming world.