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Animalia Games

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What is Animalia Games

Animalia Games is a novel free-to-play NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trading card game that ingeniously weaves the cryptoverse into a world of meme-inspired creatures, weapons, spells, and gemstones. Set against the backdrop of the Animalia Kingdom, the game is divided into two factions, Bulls and Bears, reflecting the volatility of crypto markets. Players find themselves in a virtual realm powered by the BNB Chain, which ensures they have absolute ownership of their in-game collectibles. From its six diverse landscapes, each with unique climates and critters, to its easy-to-learn gameplay, Animalia is designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned players.

The gameplay revolves around 1 versus 1 battles, where strategic selection and use of cards can summon critters, cast spells, and equip weapons to vanquish opponents.

Amid the rapidly growing blockchain and crypto landscape, Animalia Games addresses the critical need for widespread literacy and accessibility to this technology. It delivers this through an edutainment experience, where players are subtly introduced to blockchain concepts via meme-themed cards and gameplay. By making blockchain more approachable through an immersive gaming environment, Animalia not only enhances public awareness of this burgeoning technology but also raises consciousness about endangered species, intertwining education, entertainment, and activism.

Furthermore, Animalia Games caters to the gaming community’s need for diversity by offering various game modes – from Player versus Environment (PvE) to Ranked Player versus Player (PvP), ensuring an inclusive and engaging gaming experience. Through its gameplay and educational underpinning,

Animalia Games effectively bridges the gap between the tech-savvy and the layperson, paving the way for broader adoption and understanding of blockchain technology.